Since 2005, with more than 350 robots sold as used robots, ROBOTIQUE CONCEPT is champion of CIRCULAR ECONOMY and FRUGAL ECONOMY with over 350 used robots sold.

To satisfy INTEGRATORS, we now propose last generation of robots with few hours and 10 warranties. Those who will propose a solution including a 16 k€ robot (average price from RC) increase deeply their chance to get business. Our Partnership with a leasing company (CORHOFY) allows you to be prevented from treasury problems.

Moreover, we propose unic services such as Wrists repair, repair kits for teaches, cylinders repairs, and of course repair or service exchange for teaches, variators, supplies, motors, etc.

We give to our customers free peripherals such as grippers, or gripper commands, electric beams, safety beams, etc. which are the previous peripherals installed on the robot. This will stil increase your productivity.